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From the desk of R. Ignacio
October, 2017

Dear friend,

Hi, my name is Roselle and I am the founder of Roselle Ignacio Solutions —an internet marketing company focused on increasing sales by driving leads and traffic to your business.

We have been helping business owners like you with website design and marketing since 2007.

Like us, your company is unique. That’s why we give you custom solutions to match your specific business needs, goals, and expectations.

Whether you want to do just one thing, or everything necessary to get your website to the top of page one of Google search results, we work with you to create a package tailor-fit to your needs.

We look forward to helping you get your business to the next level.

Thank you,

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Videos About Our Online Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

As business owners, you are like us. We’re all cut from the same cloth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dentist, lawyer, surgeon, landscaper, roofer, hair stylist, or designer

—whatever industry you are in, and whichever city you provide your services, ultimately, what you want is more sales...

More revenue, more money in your pocket, so that you can have the freedom to do what you love without worrying about the mortgage, the credit card bills, making payroll, etc.

To get more sales, you need more clients and customers.

And to get more clients and customers, you need more exposure.

And to get more exposure, you need to be on the Internet.

But not just anywhere on the Internet...

You need to be easily found where your potential clients and customers are actively searching.

And that’s where we come in.

We help you get to your #1 goal of having more money and freedom, by getting your business on page one of Google search results.

This means whenever people search for terms related to your services, YOU (and not your competitors) will be the first they’ll see.

For example:

  • If you were a dentist in New York, NY you’d want to be on page one of Google for, “teeth whitening NYC”.
  • If you were a personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX you’d want to be on page one of Google for, “truck accident lawyer Houston”.
  • If you were a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles, CA you’d want to be on page one of Google for, “tummy tuck LA”.

Now, for each of these examples, Search Engine Optimization is what helped those businesses get ranked for those keywords.

So, what exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization —also known as SEO, Search Engine Marketing or SEM, is the act of getting a piece of web content ranked high on search engine results.

There are many, many parts to an SEO campaign, with each part having its own importance as to how successful an SEO campaign will be.

There are also many search engines —Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go, to name just a few.

The majority of us, however, gravitate towards using Google.

So much so, that it’s also a verb!

Nowadays, to Google something is to search for something online.

That’s why it’s so important that your business get ranked on page one of Google’s search results for as many keywords related to your business or services.

Now, ask yourself...

“Am I showing up on page one of Google search results? Or are people finding my competitors instead of me?”

Chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you’re probably not showing up on page one for your services or your city.

Most likely, the lion’s share of customers —customers that could very well have been yours, are going straight to your competition simply because they’re showing up on Google and you’re not.

Not to worry, that’s why we’re here...

We’ll help you get ranked on the first page of Google’s search results, so you can experience a flood of new traffic to your business.

Our search engine marketing services are based on 10+ years of practical experience and research, and we continue to test, tweak, and improve our strategies to stay ahead of future changes to Google’s search algorithm.

Like us,
we know your business is one of a kind.

That’s why every SEO campaign we create for each our clients is carefully customized to match the needs of the business.

Here’s a sneak peek of a Search Engine Marketing campaign many of our clients enjoy:

  1. Keyword Research:
    You’ll get ranked for not just any generic, run-of-the-mill keywords, but keywords that will give you the best ROI.
  2. Competitive Analysis:
    We do a reconnaissance mission to analyze your top competitors’ strategies so you can rank above them on Google search results.
  3. Link Building:
    We point links from high quality sites to your website and other online properties to make sure your websites and webpages get bumped up to the top of Google’s page one.
  4. Website Optimization:
    Since you cannot build upon a faulty foundation, we build you a brand new website that’s not only optimized for Google’s search algorithm, it’s also optimized for user experience, lead generation and sales.
  5. Content Creation:
    Because Search Engine Optimization requires content to optimize, we’ll create content for your website and your other online properties so that when your customers are searching for your keywords, your content will be front and center.
  6. Copywriting:
    Not every content compels people to take action. If your content is robotic, full of industry jargon, and as dry as a math text book, it doesn’t matter how much money you invest in your marketing, it will simply not convert.

    Because of this, the content we create for your SEO campaign is carefully worded by our top copywriting team. From 20 years of sales copywriting expertise, you’ll get content that compels people to buy now.
  7. Local SEO:
    A big part of SEO, especially for local businesses, is getting found for your keyword plus your city (ie. car dealership beverly hills, ca) or for your keyword plus the words, “near me” (ie. car dealership near me).

    These are what we call, “buyer intent” keywords —because the people searching for these terms want to buy right now.

    In fact, according to a study in 2015 by Advanced Web Ranking, 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.

    And according to Google, 30% of mobile searches are related to a location, and 28% of searches for something nearby results in a purchase.

    Because of the high conversion rate of these terms, we put a huge focus on getting you ranked not only for these “buyer intent” keywords, we also focus on getting you ranked in Google’s local map results, which is often the very first thing you see on page one.
  8. Mobile SEO:
    As of 2015, more people search on mobile than they do on computers.

    In fact, according to a recent study by Search Engine Land, 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases.

    And according to Google, local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day..

    Because of this, in the last 3 years, Google has been putting more and more focus on mobile search.

    This means Google will favor and rank higher the websites that are not only mobile friendly, but are, what we call, AMP-ified.

    We will AMP-ify your website by creating Accelerated Mobile Page versions of your webpages. Doing this will make your site pass Google’s speed and user experience requirements for mobile.

    Sounds a bit techie, but techie is our middle name 😉
  9. Video SEO:
    We already know Google is the #1 search engine people use. But did you know who’s in second place? It’s neither Bing or Yahoo. Actually, it’s another Google property: YouTube.

    Because video has higher conversion rates than ordinary text, we’ll get your videos ranked not only on Google search results, we’ll also get your videos ranked on YouTube search results, so that you get a double-whammy of high rankings and exposure.
  10. Call Tracking & Weekly Reporting:
    If you’re like me, you like to know whether your marketing is yielding results. There’s no business sense in paying for advertising that doesn’t come with data and analytics.

    That’s why we attach a phone number to each of our campaigns so that you know how a customer has found you. We also give you weekly reports so you always know how your SEO campaigns are helping your business.

These 10 bullet points are just some of the many, many pieces of the puzzle that is Search Engine Optimization. But no matter where you are in your business story, our team of SEO experts can help you from start to finish.

We’ll show you which keywords are most important to target, help you understand your competitors, and work with you to create a comprehensive SEO strategy —helping you achieve your goal of financial freedom.

To get started, get your FREE website marketing audit and competitor analysis — click here!

Business Web Design & Development

Much like us, when you created your business, there were a few things you absolutely needed to get started —business cards, a business phone number, maybe a physical storefront, company vehicles, employees, etc.

But there is one thing on that list that’s above and beyond more important than the rest, and that’s your professional business website.

Dollar for dollar, there is no other business property you will have that can match a website’s potential to increase your income.

And while the upfront investment you put into your a website could very well be in the thousands, —it’s pennies compared to the monthly cost of renting a physical storefront and employing staff.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an electrician, plumber, doctor, attorney or architect...

or whichever city you provide your services...

The businesses who have websites generally outperform those that don’t.

“What if I already have a website?”

Sure, a lot of business owners already have a website —but how much traffic does it get?

Is it mobile friendly?

Does it show up on page one of Google search results?

And, more importantly, does it bring in customers?

The sad truth is that the majority of business websites fail to do what it was actually created for:

To help your business increase sales!

Ask yourself,

“What good is a website two me, if it doesn’t help me get more clients or customers?”

Month after month‚ year after year‚ people blindly pay for websites that simply do not generate leads.

When a person does come to their website
—because there are no clear calls to action, a visitor might browse around, but studies show that the majority of visitors leave and never come back!

They’re essentially paying for a website that only gets ignored.

Isn’t that crazy?

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

A secret other web design companies would kill me if I told you...

And that’s that it’s really not your fault.

The sad truth is that business owners are being sold websites that are systemically built to fail.

I’ve seen other companies crank out websites that are generic, pre-made templates, missing important sales elements essential to turning visitors into buyers.

These websites might look pretty, but they fail to actually help your business in the long run.

It’s kind of like going out to a fancy restaurant, only to find out the salmon you ordered isn’t really salmon at all, but white fish dyed with red coloring. You think you’re getting the best food, but what you’re really getting is the opposite.

Why is it like this?

The problem is, you get a website from either a web design agency, a web designer or a web developer.

The web designer designs a website for you, and then hands it off to a web developer to bring those designs to life. Sometimes the web designer and web developer are one person, sometimes there are teams of designers and developers.

No matter.

The point is, web designers know how to design and developers know how to build code. But neither are very good at sales or know how to create websites that results in sales.

Thankfully, there’s a better way

Instead of hiring a web design company, web designer or web developer to create your website, hire a marketing company with an in-house web team to do it for you.

You see, what you need is to partner yourself with a company that can give you a website that not only looks great, but can compel people to take action and take the next step to becoming your customer.

You need an agency that understands your website is supposed to be an asset to your business, not a liability.

And, you need people who know how to design a website with lead generation and sales in mind.

That’s where we come in.

We help you get more clients and customers, by giving you a website that’s strategically built with sales in mind.

All of our websites are built with a focus on lead generation and sales.

Each design element is chosen by whether it’ll increase the likelihood of the visitor becoming your customer.

This means your design is never boxed into one designer’s idea of what looks good, but is carefully chosen using data from split-testing the conversion rates of many different web designs over the years.

Because of this, your website is designed not by theory, hunches, or designer opinion, but by what actually converts, —helping you generate more leads for you and your business.

Here’s a sneak peek of a Website Design and Development campaign many of our clients enjoy:

  1. Design with a focus on getting customers:
    By designing you’re website with lead generation and sales in mind, you’ll get a website that’s not only beautiful to look at, it will also entice your web visitors to take action &mash;whether that be to pick up the phone and call you, go to your storefront, or buy now.
  2. Lead Capture & Follow Up:
    According to the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of sales are made between the 5th to 12th contact. If your website doesn’t have a way to capture leads and follow up with them, then you could be missing out on 80% of new business?

    Do you follow up with the people that visit your website? —Or are you a part of the 48% of businesses that never follows up?

    Nowadays, most business websites still don’t have a way to collect their website visitors’ name, email or phone number. And even if they do, they drop the ball and almost never follow up.

    Because of this, we will put a lead generation box (aka an opt-in box) in strategic places on your website, so each time a potential customer or client visits your website, they’ll have a chance to leave their contact info so you can follow up with them via your email marketing campaign.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going email marketing strategy in addition to your website design and development campaign, click here.
  3. Content Creation:
    A major part of your business website’s success in Google search results is the quality and quantity of content your inner webpages have.
    In other words, Google favors websites that have a lot of pages with high quality content. This means, each webpage you have should be original and have have no less than 2500 words.

    Each webpage should also be highly relevant to the keyword your potential customer is Googling.

    Most business websites either don’t have enough content on their website, or their content is not optimized for SEO or lead generation.

    That is why we recommend you implement a content marketing strategy along with your website design and development.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going content marketing strategy in addition to your website design and development campaign, click here.
  4. Copywriting:
    Not every piece of online content compels people to take action. If your content is doesn’t compel people to take action, it doesn’t matter how much money you invest in your marketing, it will simply not convert.

    Most business websites are stuffed with industry jargon, dry text and ineffective copy.

    That’ why we recommend that you partner your website design and development package with one of our Search Engine Optimization packages.

    The content we create for your website is carefully worded by our top copywriting team. From 20 years of sales copywriting expertise, you’ll get get a website with content that compels people to buy now.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going copywriting strategy in addition to your content marketing and website design and development campaign, click here.
  5. Mobile:
    In the last 3 years, Google has been putting more and more focus on mobile search.

    This means that while having a mobile-friendly version of your site is better than not having one, it will soon not be good enough.

    Google now favors websites that go a step above being mobile friendly —those that haveAccelerated Mobile Pages will now get preferential treatment above websites that don’t have AMP versions of their websites.

    To make sure you stay in good standing with Google’s mobile search engine, we will create Accelerated Mobile Page versions of your webpages.

    Doing does two things: it will make sure your website passes Google’s speed and user experience requirements for mobile, and

    It will also make you rank above any competitors that aren&rasquo;t using AMP for their websites.
  6. Social Media Integration:
    According to a 2017 study done by HubSpot, a whopping 74% of people say they use Facebook and other social media for professional purposes.

    However, a lot of business websites still don’t tie in their social media profiles to their websites or implement a social media marketing strategy along with their website and seo marketing efforts.

    Because of this, the website you get from us will be equipped with social media buttons, making sure your content is easily shareable across all the most popular social media platforms.

    We can also implement a social media marketing strategy on top of your website design and development, so you get a boost in rankings for both your website and all your social media profiles.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going Social Media Marketing campaign in addition to your website design, click here.
  7. Analytics & Daily Reporting:
    If you’re like me, you like to know whether your marketing is yielding results. As a business owner, you can’t make a good business decision if you don’t have data to refer to.

    That’s why, all our websites have daily analytics reports that are automatically emailed to you everyday so you know exactly how many visitors come to your website everyday, where they’re coming from, and their demographics.

    This will give you insights into your target market will help you with making business marketing decisions in the future.
  8. Security:
    Website security is an important factor to your business’ success online.

    Malware doesn’t only infect the big, household names. In fact, most of these hackers use tools that are automated, which means you’re as much of a target as anyone.

    And if you do get infected, it can do more than disrupt your site —it can completely ruin your reputation.

    Securing your site is just like locking your house at night. It’s just a necessary part of owning a piece of property, in this case, it’s your online property.

    With that being said, your website will come equipped with many layers of security. Daily security scans run automatically and if there’s ever an issue, our website security experts will repair it manually
  9. Speed:
    Website speed is the first impression you ever make about a website. If your website loads fast, you’ve instantly made a strong first impression.

    A slow website, on the other hand, makes us think it’s unsafe, insecure, and untrustworthy. And it’s really difficult to turn around that negative first impression.

    According to Kissmetrics, 79% of online users say they won’t go back to a website if they’ve had trouble with load speed; 47% of people expect your site to load in less than 2 seconds and 40% will abandon your site completely if it takes longer than 3 seconds.

    Because of this, we make your website speed a top priority. Rest assured, your website will pass all speed tests, making sure you’re never making a potential customer or client wait for your site to load.
  10. SEO-ready:
    FACT: The Internet is not static. Google’s search results are constantly updating —with each newer, more relevant website pushing down the older, less relevant websites.

    Websites who are at the top of search results got there by implementing Search Engine Marketing campaigns. And they do so on a recurring, monthly basis.

    After all, marketing isn’t just a one-time investment. Once you’re on top of Google search results, you have to continue your SEO marketing in order to stay on top.

    Because of this, having a website is not enough. Your website will get buried under thousands of other websites without an on-going search engine marketing plan to drive it.

    That’ why we recommend that you partner your website design and development package with one of our Search Engine Optimization packages.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going on-going SEO campaign, click here.

These 10 bullet points are just some of the many, many pieces of what makes a business website successful. No matter where you are in your business story, our team of website experts can help you from start to finish.

To get started, get your FREE website marketing audit and competitor analysis — click here!

Social Marketing

Businesses like us know that nowadays, you have to do more than just have a website. Because there is just so much competition, you’ve got to take it up a notch and actively engage with your customers (and potential customers) where they go to most often.

And where do your customers spend most of their time online?

Well, according to a 2017 study done by Statista, people spend an average of TWO HOURS a day on social media.

Other than Google, your clients and customers spend the majority of their time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. And that’s just to name a few!

Because of this, more and more local businesses have looked to social media to extend their marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, these very same businesses don’t know what to do beyond the initial account set up. It’s like you know you need it, you know it’s important, —but you don’t know how to use it to your advantage.

As a result, most business profiles look unfinished and unprofessional, —negatively impacting the way potential clients and customers see you.

And when your social profile has zero to very little engagement, it largely goes unnoticed, —creating a social media dead zone.

So ask yourself,

“Do I have accounts with the Top 7 social media networks? And am I posting daily on each account?”

If you have no strategy or plan in place, you’re missing out on reaching additional customers.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll create a social media plan specifically to fit your business’s unique needs.

Whether you already have social profiles, or have none at all, we’ll help you leverage social media so that it helps boost traffic to your site, generate leads and increase sales for your business.

Here’s a sneak peek of a Social Media Marketing campaign many of our clients enjoy:

  1. Account Setup:
    social media account correctly? Don’t worry, a lot of business owners face this problem.

    We’ll create profiles for your business on the Top 7 social media networks and populate all the necessary fields so your profile is complete and correct.
    We’ll also create for you professional profile pictures and banners — making sure your business looks its best on all the 7 most frequently visited social networks.
  2. Facebook Posts:
    Does your Facebook page look a little empty? Do your posts have any likes or comments? And are your posts few and far between?

    This is a common problem among local business owners because like all entrepreneurs, you’re busy with day to day operations, not to mention home life.

    Business owners already where too many hats —who’s got time to be a social media maven?
    Not to worry. We’ll manage your Facebook posts for you so that we handle all posting of content, so you can focus on what you do best.
  3. Instagram Posts:
    As of 2017, Instagram became the 2nd biggest social network, having over 800 million users.

    If you’re not on Instagram, you could be leaving some serious money on the table because a sizable chunk of your audience is hanging out where you have no presence.

    That’s where we come in. We’ll post for you on Instagram so you can benefit from having more exposure online.
  4. Twitter Posts (tweets):
    How active are you on Twitter? Do your posts have any retweets or comments? And are your tweets few and far between?

    Just like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter marketing is also a mystery to many local business owners.

    Not to worry. We’ll manage your Tweets for you so that we handle all posting of content, so you can focus on what you do best and we can focus on getting you a following.
  5. Pinterest Posts:
    As of 2017, Pinterest celebrated having 175 million users.

    On Pinterest, every Pin is a possibility that gets people thinking about what to do next, whether that’s to buy an item right now, pick up the phone and call you or stop by your place and shop.

    Pictures tell a thousand words and we’ll post for you on Pinterest so you can benefit from having more exposure for your brand online.
  6. Tumblr Posts:
    Tumblr, another very popular social network, has been around the same time Facebook has been and has just announced that they’ve reached over 375 million users.

    It’s a social blogging network that can give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience and help promote your website and your business.

    We’ll manage and curate your Tumblr posts for you so you can cast a wider net in reaching your target audience.
  7. Google Plus Posts:
    Google has become apart of our daily lives so much so that I bet you or someone you know has Googled something at least 3x today alone.

    It’s no surprise that Google, as big as it is, has its own social media network with a userbase of 111 million.

    With a network that large, it would be shame not to leverage it for your business.
    That is why with your social media marketing campaign, we’ll manage your Google plus account and post daily for you.
  8. LinkedIn Posts and Articles:
    LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. Being that you are a business owner, having a LinkedIn account is a no brainer for you.

    We will manage your LinkedIn account and post to it on a daily basis, as well as publish articles for you in LinkedIn.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going content marketing strategy in addition to your social media marketing campaign, click here.
  9. Social Media Videos:
    Each of the Top 7 Social Media networks give you a way to publish your videos. It’s a great way to keep your fans and followers engaged and is an easy way to build customer loyalty and trust.

    In fact, according to a recent study done by Invisia, people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

    And Social video especially, generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going online video marketing strategy in addition to your social media marketing campaign, click here.
  10. Social Media Advertising:
    You may have heard that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer paid advertising. Think of this as Pay Per Click advertising within that social media network.

    Social Media Advertising could yield faster results for you —kind of like skipping to the front of the line.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going social media advertising strategy in addition to your social media marketing campaign, click here.

These 10 bullet points are just some of the many, many pieces of the puzzle that is Social Media Marketing. But no matter where you are in your business story, our team of Social Media experts can help you from start to finish.

When you’re now ready to implement an on-going social media marketing strategy, click here.

Managing Your Reputation Online

Everyday, customers use search engines, like Google, to discover and evaluate businesses. In a split second they decide if your business is trustworthy or if they should go with someone else.

The problem is that in business, it’s inevitable that no matter how great your customer service is, or how pleasing your bedside manner, there’s always going to be one-third of people that love you, one-third of people who are indifferent, and one-third who just plain don’t like you for no reason.

Negative reviews and posts not only makes you look bad, it can hurt your business in a major way.

Take Andrea Polito for example.

Andrea is a Dallas, TX professional photographer whose business was ruined and reputation destroyed by a client who happened to be a very popular blogger.

Years later, justice was finally served, and Andrea won her defamation lawsuit against the client, but she will never get back the years spent being unfairly dragged through the mud by false accusations.

She lost all her clients, couldn’t get new clients and basically had to start all over again.

“But, that isn’t fair,” you say

Unfortunately, fairness has nothing to do with it.

See, even if you do your absolute best, provide good products and services, have stellar customer service, put clear policies in place, —people will still go ahead and broadcast their opinions about you online.

How does Online Reputation Management help me and my business?

If only Andrea hired reputation management agency like us, maybe she would have saved herself years of anguish.

Reputation management is all about public relations and damage control —it makes sure people see you fairly, and prevents people from getting influenced by a disgruntled minority.

If she had an aggressive reputation management campaign to fight the wave of bad press coming from her client&rsquou;s followers, maybe her business would have survived the smear campaign against her.

That’s the beauty of it.

No matter what the juicy gossip may be, an aggressive reputation management plan can always help make sure that bad press doesn’t touch your business online.

A strategic reputation management campaign kills two birds with one stone —the false press gets pushed down on Google, while the right information gets ranked higher, effectively making the bad press harder to find while also generating new leads from the exposure the new rankings get you.

Let the story of Andrea Polito be a lesson to you...

Implement an reputation management campaign now before your reputation get tarnished by false accusations, complaints, and immature comments.

Here’s just some of the benefits a strategic Reputation Management campaign gives you:

  • Moves up positive press in Google
    We’ll help you create a positive presence on all the major Internet networks. We’ll move up the right content, increasing positive brand awareness and keep your information fresh and up to date.

    We’ll diversify your presence to maximize positive content and synchronize all your marketing campaigns with your reputation management.
  • Moves down false & negative press
    We cannot erase what people have posted, but what we can do is aggressively move negative content out of the way.

    We’ll watch closely as new information populates and move your negative press to the bottom of Google where it is hard to find.
  • Control of your image online
    Instead of being held hostage by false information, we help you take control of your reputation. We also monitor your position and health against your competition.
  • Saves you time and money
    Done right, reputation management removes the roadblocks for your companies success. If you are trying to increase your visibility online, but your online presence is marred with negative comments, then you will continually be frustrated.
  • Boosts brand awareness
    By creating a presence on all of the major web properties, you are taking the first step to pro-actively boost your brand.
  • Improves customer loyalty
    You can’t make changes until you understand what people are saying about you.

    Reputation management allows you to see and hear your customers’ concerns so you can implement new policies to nurture customer relationships and promote customer loyalty.

These 7 bullet points are just some of the many, many benefits you get from a Reputation Management campaign that’s customized for your business.

Here’s a sneak peek preview of an Online Reputation Management campaign many of our clients enjoy:

  1. Promoting positive brand awareness:
    Your reputation is made up of what people find through search. Fairly or unfairly, search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing, decide what’s shown about your business.

    Whether it’s reviews, business directories, social media, —we’ll make sure all of these sources share the same positive story.
  2. Claiming and Optimizing your properties:
    So that no one else can claim a Yelp page, Facebook page, etc. with your name, we will immediately claim all your web properties for you.

    This can include social sites, review pages, or business directories like the yellow pages. We make sure to check that each site has accurate contact information, and the best images.
  3. Integrating your properties:
    When you integrate all your web properties with each other, you let your customers and potential customers know that your brand has a healthy online presence.

    We will link your sites to each other so that you begin to establish authority and positive brand awareness.
  4. Continuity:
    Having your business contact information and address exactly the same throughout the Internet will help increase the rankings of positive content.

    We will make sure your information is correct and uniform no matter where your potential customers may be searching online.
  5. Review Management:
    Having a strong reputation on online review sites is one of the most important steps you can take.

    We will carefully choose which review sites are most influential to your customers and make sure those positive reviews are front and center.

    We’ll increase the number of reviews and breathe life into existing reviews that may be dull or ineffective.
  6. Social Media Engagement:
    Social media has given power to the customer. Not only can a customer post to your social profile, they can also review you right then and there.

    When done the right way, it can be a great source for referrals and a powerful tool for solidifying a positive online reputation.

    When you’re now ready to implement an on-going social media marketing strategy in addition to your online reputation campaign, click here.
  7. Immediate damage control:
    We’ll setup systems in place that allow you to quickly reply back to customer inquiries, so that no lead ever turns cold.

    Doing this also helps you follow up with unhappy customers to resolve matters privately so you avoid having negative comments posted online.

    By following up immediately, it de-escalates the situation and minimizes the chances that a customer lashes out publicly.

  8. Promote Customer Feedback:
    Surveys give you direct access to customer opinions. By providing an outlet for customers to express their opinions, it reduces complaints or negative opinions online.

    It also increases customer sentiment because it shows that you care about what your customers think.

    We’ll provide systems that gives you a way to ask your customers the important questions you’ve been dying to ask.

    By giving them a way to express their feelings, you decrease the likelihood that a customer will seek out their own outlet and it sheds insight on where you can make the most money.
  9. Monitoring & Reporting:
    What are the top results when someone searches your brand? Is their any negative piece of content that has risen to the top of search engines, review sites or social media?

    Your online reputation is constantly changing and evolving. After all, anyone can post a review at anytime and anywhere.

    You need to diligently watch and measure what is being said so your marketing efforts don’t slowly deteriorate.

    We’ll monitor your brand online and setup alerts for when people post new information about you. We’ll notify you immediately if there is something urgent that needs to be address and give you and in-depth report about your exact brand position and the effectiveness of our online reputation management, every month.

  10. You vs. Your competition:
    Your customers and potential customers always want what’s best, so it’ no surprise that they’re constantly comparing you with your competition.

    It’s also important to note that reputation is relative...

    For example, a 4-star rating only looks good if everyone else has three stars, and even if you have one hundred of those 4-star reviews, it looks less impressive if your main competitor has thousands more.

    To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know where you excel and where you lag behind. If you have multiple business locations, the need for a positive online reputation is multiplied.

    You also need to know your competitors’ weak points, so you can seize every opportunity to convert customers over to your side.

    We’ll do a comparative analysis with your top 3 competitors so you can make sure you’ always ahead of your competition.

These 10 bullet points are just some of the many, many pieces of the puzzle that is Online Reputation Management. But no matter where you are in your business story, our team of experts can help you from start to finish.

When you’re now ready to implement an on-going online reputation management campaign, click here.

A press release is a written communication that reports specific but brief information about an event, circumstance or other happening. It's typically tied to a business or organization and is provided to media through a variety of means.

However, there is no guarantee that the media will grab the press release and publish it. This may depend on whether the event or circumstance is something that might interest their readers or listeners, or if it benefits the community in some way.

If you're lucky, your press release may be picked up by bloggers, Tweeters and others who read it and find it worthy of promoting within their own social networks.

Two Basic Types of Press Releases

Some press releases are available for "immediate release." This means anyone can share the information as soon as the release is made public. Other press releases may have time limits that allow only certain media sources to report them immediately. They're offered to other news services, websites or blog owners for publication at a later time.

The Main Purpose of a Press Release

There's a difference between "news" and "press releases." Although they're not as clear as they once were in pre-Internet days, media professionals do understand the difference.

The main purpose of all press releases is to promote something significant and specific. A press release serves three marketing and promotional purposes:

  • To let the media know about an event in hopes that will pass the information along
  • To let the media know about your business with the hope that a reporter will see a story in your press release and write an actual news article about it
  • To help promote your business' appearance on the Internet via blogs, websites and social networks. This is direct readership publicity.

Make sure your story is newsworthy

Before you even attempt to write a press release, think about the things you like to read, watch and listen to in the media. Most of us are generally interested in things we haven't heard before, find surprising or help solve our problems. So before drafting your press release, it's worth asking yourself these questions:

1. Is there anything "new" in my story?

2. Is there anything unusual or unexpected about it?

3. Would this be of interest to anyone outside my business?

4. Will anyone actually care?

The last one sounds harsh, but is probably the most important: you might be excited about your new marketing director or the launch of your new product, but will anyone else be interested? If the answer is "no", hold off on that press release until you've got a better story.

If you're not sure whether your story is newsworthy, read, watch or listen to the publications or programmes you'd like coverage in to get a feel for the kind of stories they typically cover.

Write killer headlines

Most journalists get hundreds of emails every day, so it's a good idea to label emails containing press releases with the phrase "press release" or "story idea". A great subject line is also a must.

But don't try to be clever: most journalists will spend just a few seconds deciding whether something looks interesting. If they don't immediately understand what your story is about, they'll move on to the next thing in their inbox.

So if your story is about the the launch of the first financial planning consultancy for women, say exactly that. "Women cash in on financial planning" might sound like a better headline, but may mean nothing to a busy journalist scanning their inbox.

Get your top line in the first line of your press release

Getting a journalist to open your email is important, but if your first sentence doesn't grab them, they may not read any further – which is why you need to get the "top line" (the most important bit) of your story right at the beginning of your release. Your first line should be a summary of the story (in no more than around 15-20 words) and read like the opening of a news story.

Journalists are generally taught to get as many of the "five Ws" (who, what, where, why and when) in the opening line of news stories, so if you want examples of great first lines for press releases, look no further than your daily newspaper.

Another trick is to imagine your story is going to be covered on a TV or radio programme. A presenter generally has around 5-6 seconds to introduce each item eg "And coming up next ... why a local cafe owner is giving a free coffee this weekend to anyone born in July." If your story was going to be featured on the radio today, how would the presenter introduce it? Asking yourself that question should give you the top line of your story.

Be concise

The ideal length of a press release is about an A4 side or about 300 to 400 words (the length of a short news item). That's just three or four short paragraphs and a couple of of quotes. If yours is longer than that, you've probably got unnecessary waffle that doesn't add anything to your story.

Don't be tempted to include background information about your company in the opening paragraph. This – along with any other additional information – can always be included in a "notes to editors" section at the end (it's fine to run over to a second page for this).

Sub-headings and bullet points can be useful to make information easy to digest, particularly if you're including figures or statistics.

Use quotes to provide insight, not information

Including quotes from people in your company can be helpful for journalists (and on regional or trade publications are often used, word for word). A common beginner's mistake is to use quotes to provide information, for example, "last year, we employed 100 staff in 12 different countries and turned over £5m."

Quotes should be used to provide insight and opinion and sound like a real person said them. They definitely shouldn't be full of jargon or technical language.

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